The 18th Century was a time when the elite enjoyed lavish and decadent masked parties, drank Champagne punch and danced into the night.
This era has been a big influence to our creative director from the love of Adam Ant in his highwayman costume, in his early childhood, to discovering Georges Seurat's paintings, one being 'A Sunday Afternoon on the Island of La Grande Jatte' 1884-86.
The designs Masquerade and Heloise feature the same lady character inspired from the 1957 novel 'De bende van Jan de Lichte' by Louis Paul Boon. Telling the life and times of the outlaw, a Belgian Robin Hood, Jan De Lichte. This was recently brought to life as a 10 part Netflix series.
18th Century Masquerade and Heloise T-shirt Designs by Fable Rebel