We launched as Fable in 2016 with hand screen printed inspirational designs on t-shirts bought in from suppliers. Our founder and designer Joni, was never truly happy with the quality of the t-shirts he sourced. With many years’ experience designing collectable products for clients such as Ricky Gervais, Twentieth Century Fox and the BBC, Joni believes attention to detail and quality are key in creating the finest products. So in 2018 he decided to start sourcing his own materials and a manufacturer for his tees, renaming the brand Fable Rebel to reflect a new spirit of independence.

Joni’s varied interests in art, spiritual geometry, urban and street culture all contribute to the inspiration for his work. 

All tees are now sourced from high-quality sustainable materials. The organic cotton is spun on a vintage loom carefully rebuilt and maintained by an artisan supplier and designs are printed with water based vegan inks.

New and old techniques are mixed to create the designs, combining hand drawn illustrations with digital design. Inspiration comes from everywhere: from nature and the environment, to what's going on in our culture today. The aim is to spread positive messages and comment on the world we live in.

Every piece is made to order and appliqués applied by hand, making every piece unique. 


All T-shirts are delivered using plastic free, fully recyclable packaging.