Introducing our Accessories range. 

Iphone Eco-case made from Biodegradable materials and our Laptop sleeve made from Neoprene with a furry inner lining. 

Our iPhone cases are made for food and sawdust, what?! Yep, see the list below of what goes into one:

soil (30%), onions (7.5%), carrots (7.5%), pepper (7.5%), sawdust (1.5%), rice (18%), soybeans (18%), wheat (10%)

You wouldn’t know it, they look like any other case, except for the little coloured speckles in them. They are flexible much like a silicone case. And protect your iPhone from knocks and with a little lip around the screen edge, will help save your screen too. 

Our new laptop case is made from neoprene which is resistant to water, oil, and heat. Has a faux fur inner lining to keep your laptop free from scratches and a top loading zippered enclosure with two sliders.