All our T-shirts are made from scratch. We’ve carefully selected the finest organic cotton to make our T-Shirts.

This is washed or dyed within 10 miles of our supplier’s mill, which has the lowest carbon footprint of any knitting fabric supplier in the UK. It has used AZO free dyes for over 15 years and its operations are continually monitored by British water companies to ensure pollution is kept to a minimum.

The organic cotton is spun on a vintage loom carefully rebuilt and maintained by our artisan supplier.
The mill also recycles 90% of all its waste produce and has ongoing reduction energy programmes.
Currently 80% of our GOTS ( Global Organic Textile Standard ) organic cotton yarns are from India and 20% from Turkey.
Our fabric is then washed a second time to pre-shrink before being hand cut and sewn into one of our garments.