Fable Rebel is a contemporary brand born out of a passion for producing high quality clothing made entirely in the UK. Joni leads the creative direction taking what he learnt from the 20 years in consumer products working for clients including Ricky Gervais, Twentieth Century Fox and the BBC, to name a few.  Learning that attention to detail and quality, is key in creating the finest products.

With an interest in Art, spiritual geometry, urban and street culture all contributes to the inspiration for his work. Follow his career path here


All our T-shirts are made from scratch using high-quality sustainably sourced materials. The organic cotton is spun on a vintage loom carefully rebuilt and maintained by our artisan supplier and our designs are printed with water based vegan inks.


We use new and old techniques to create our designs, mixing hand drawn illustrations with digital design. Inspiration comes from everywhere: from nature and the environment, to what's going on in our culture today. We like to spread positive messages and comment on our world we live in.


We choose not to mass produce, but create only limited pieces. This allows us to maintain the quality and exclusivity that are hallmarks of the Fable Rebel brand.